Preparing For Your Visit

For your convenience, I offer two options for lactation support. I know how stressful leaving your house can be with your children, therefore my most common way to help mothers is to go to their home. I know that most of your feedings will typically be done at home and I can observe what a typical feeding looks like. Being at home normally makes you and your baby the most comfortable. I also understand that sometimes there are certain circumstances in which you cannot have people come to your home and therefore I offer support at my Henderson office. I have a comfortable recliner that you and your baby can relax in. Below is my guide for the visits, in which I will come to you.

The Do’s of our visit:

The DO-NOTS of our Visit

What to expect during a Home Visit:

During an office visit:

A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three. ~Grantly Dick-Read